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Our Center Is A Multi-Faceted Space For Spiritual Growth.
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Lauren Skye is a professional meditation facilitator and spiritual development educator in practice since 1994. She also offers private energy reading and healing sessions combining a variety of modalities to affect healing and change. Lauren is the founder of the Inner Connection Institute, a Colorado non-profit organization since 1996.

Lauren’s work is all about empowering you to create the life you desire; the life that is a reflection of your true self and spirit, with your optimal capacity for health, prosperity, love, and joy. The two foundations of Lauren’s teaching are that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and that the energies we carry create our experience of life.

Energy can be thought of as the fabric of reality, and the energies we carry are expressed in the form of belief, thought, emotion, and sensation. To create a different experience, we begin by becoming aware of what we are carrying on an energetic, or vibrational, level. We can then become proactive about changing that energy, and so creating a new experience. This process allows us to reframe our histories, release old patterns and blocks, and create a brand new day.

Lauren developed the Meditation For Living program over the years of working with energy and people. The program provides all the benefits of effective meditation; relaxation, emotional balance, enhanced creativity, and increased health. And, it offers so much more. The easy, practical, “real-world” techniques in Meditation For Living help anyone access and change energy, and become a powerful creator in their own life, rather than a reactor to whatever is going on in life.

Those who want to go deeper can begin to access clairvoyance; our natural ability to see, transform, and create energy. Clairvoyance is a widely misunderstood concept. It isn’t about fortune telling or predicting the future. It’s about become self-aware on a vibrational level and integrating the transformational opportunities that self awareness brings. Like human beings with free will, the future isn’t predictable. However, we can use clairvoyance and energy management skills to proactively create the present moment, and the future, that we’d like.

Lauren’s personal and professional path has progressed miraculously over the years. Childhood challenges required that Lauren keep her abilities of clairvoyant awareness, astral travel, and remote viewing sharp. As a young adult, the manifestations of early pain surfaced, and Lauren’s personal journey of self-awareness began. With dedication to her own healing work, Lauren transmuted the pain of the past into present day wisdom.

In her early twenties, Lauren honed her seeing and healing abilities into a grounded practice. Studying with many wonderful teachers, Lauren has developed a reading, healing, and teaching practice founded in the core principles that will support you in discovering and expressing your inner truths and passion for life. When we truly know ourselves and know about energy; challenges become opportunities, healing happens, and life looks and feels totally different.

A dynamic public speaker, Lauren’s adventures have included producing and hosting “Inner Connection”, a weekly cable access television program that ran for 4 years on Denver Community Television. She has also appeared as a guest on a variety of programs, including The History Channel’s “The Haunted Rockies” and University of Denver’s “The Infinite Reality.” Additionally, Lauren has appeared as both a co-host and host on “Patricia’s Mystical Insights”. Speaking engagements have included the Colorado Center for Spiritual Growth, Women’s Institute For Spiritual Healing, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Club, the People House Fellowship, and many more.

Now, Lauren is more committed than ever to supporting others in learning about meditation, awareness of energy, and themselves as spiritual beings; free to find and express the true soul's path and passion for life. Whether in a one-on-one session, in-person group classes, audio recordings, or telephone programs, Lauren is honored to support you in times of challenge, transformation, and unfolding self-awareness.



Margaret Johnson is a professional clairvoyant reader and teaches many of our online classes.

Margaret offers clairvoyant readings that provide clarity and understanding from a spiritual or energetic perspective. Focus can be on any area of life, behavior, or relationship. Outdated, unhelpful energetic patterns are identified and released, providing opportunities for clients to connect more fully with the truth of who they are and their ability to create the life that they desire.

Margaret works with clients exclusively over the phone.

The first branch is the Inner Connection Institute (ICI). Through the Institute, we offer classes in meditation, energy healing, and clairvoyance, along with a variety of workshops and seminars. We offer many programs for all ages and levels of experience – there’s something for everyone who would like to take a step. We also offer a progressive series of classes for those who want to go deep. At ICI, you are always invited to go as far as is right for you with our programs. Some people come to learn to meditate and create an effective, easy meditation practice for themselves. Others may enjoy our entire, life-changing series in clairvoyant development, or somewhere in between.

The second branch represents the professional services we offer. We provide clairvoyant readings, energy healing, and spiritual counseling to assist you on your journey of life. Our services are grounded in the empowerment of our clients. We believe in each individual’s power and freedom to create the future according to our path and passions, and in transforming challenges into opportunities, rather than becoming mired in predictions. In addition to services for individuals, we also offer house and business clearings, along with group work.

The third branch of the tree symbolizes our Church space. To say our Church is non-traditional would be an understatement! We are often described as “alternative, metaphysical, and unconventional.” Our meetings provide a light, yet meaningful, look at the human journey we are each on as spirits. Through the Church, we offer monthly services (on the first Sunday of every month at 1:30 PM), and a variety of other gatherings throughout the year. Each monthly service includes experiential meditation, a talk, energy healings, and community time. Donations to the Church are always appreciated and never required! All donations are tax deductible. Our our organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit spiritual sanctuary.

We hope you’ll explore our site and come visit one of our locations. Please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail lauren@laurenskye.com with any questions you may have. We wish you a joyous day!

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