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The Book

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Have You Forgotten?

Imagine feeling content… Imagine being free of the chronic undercurrent of tension and stress that seems to plague us all. Imagine knowing without doubt that you belong; in the moment, in your own skin, in the world, in the Universe.

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What if the snarled traffic, spilled coffee, and angry supervisor didn’t ruin your day? What if the hassles of child care, family dynamics and the endless to-do lists didn’t make your heart race? What if you could breathe, sleep, and even raise a smile as you faced a career shift, relationship ending, health challenge, or money dilemma? What would your day be like with a sense of true peace, knowing that all is well, no matter what?

This contentment is not only accessible, it’s already within you. It’s a natural part of who you are. Finding it requires only that you wake up and remember.

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